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About Steph 


 Stephanie Mided is a comic artist and writer hailing from the Midwest. She's known for creating the comedic drama web comic "Jet Black" and having a lot of opinions on sitcoms from the 90's...but chances are if you're here you're more interested in the comics part.

Stephanie has worked with a wide range of people, companies, and publishers: She was a flatter for Lucy Knisley on her book "Kid Gloves", worked on a web comic for the College Humor streaming site “Dropout”, worked on the upcoming Z2 comics book “Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch”, and contributed to “Rolled N Told” from Lion Forge/Oni Press. Her graphic novel debut was as artist for the Oni Press 2021 graphic novel “Martian Ghost Centaur” (written by Mat Haegerty). 

Stephanie has her solo series debut (both artist and writer) for the Harper Alley middle grade series “Club Kick Out!” The first volume is releasing in late 2023. 

When Stephanie isn't drawing, she's most likely still drawing, or writing things she will soon draw. She is also a huge music nerd who collects vinyl and will make a playlist for just about any occasion known to man. She lives in the Chicago-land area with her two tabby cats Mooshie and Dipper, who frequently hog the spotlight in her acknowledgments section.

To contact Stephanie about work opportunities use the contact form or email her at! She is represented by Britt Siess at Britt Siess Creative Management.

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